The absolute charm of a unique material, the transmission of memory that becomes a story to be told in the future, a profound knowledge of the characteristics of wood that allow us to design contemporary doors and windows. For those who love the welcoming atmosphere and the classic taste of feeling at home but do not want to give up excellent technological standards,
to still interpret tradition in a modern key, to project into the future one of the values of Made in Italy. We present our excellence,  ESSENZA 70.2 e RINNOVA 70.2

Our wooden frames are adaptable to any architectural solution thanks to the wide choice of materials and configurations. Made of top quality dried laminated wood, it guarantees excellent acoustic and thermal sealing performance. They are supplied as standard with insulating glass to improve the living comfort in every place and in every climatic season. Attention to details such as the rounded glazing bead, the wooden drip tray, the hinged covering caps in different colors, the semi-fixed door locking lever, emphasize the build quality and give it a pleasant and harmonious appearance.